Raw Healthy Snacks and Green Energy Drink

Ever had a catalyst change the course of your life ?
Like something happens and  you start to see things differently ?

Slightly weird how a combination of events can switch things around in your head and have an instant effect - a death of a friend, a book about raw foods and a couple of videos on how food had cured a Doctor of multiple sclerosis and a bout of catarrh and aches and pains have started us on a total revamp of our lifestyle, recipe stash and  pantry.   We have always believed in food as your medicine and      Victoria Boutenko's book   is all about Raw Food and the extreme changes the family made to become healthy and is pretty inspiring - a topic for another blog but there is a Truffle recipe in the book called Sergei's Amazing Truffles  - the recipe uses 1 cup walnuts, 1/2 cup pitted dates, 1/4 cups young coconut water 4 Tablespoons raw carob.  - blend the whole lot in a food processor like a Vitamix and roll in carob.

We made the Truffles and they were delicious but  the next batch was an experiment since we had no walnuts, no coconut water and wanted to reduce the amount of Carob to make it less rich  so we came up with the version below you can increase the amounts to make more or substitute ingredients - cashews are good but see what you have to hand.

Yummy Carob Pyramids or Balls

  •  3 prunes  - cut in half to make sure there are no stones

  • handful of dates -  cut in half to make sure there are no stones

  • Rolled Oats or instant porridge

  • handful sunflower seeds

  • Carob - 1 large dessertspoon

  • handful shredded coconut

  • scrunched cornflakes or crunchy cereal of your choice

  • Apple juice to mix to the right consistency
How to:  Put the everything except cornflakes  in a high speed blender like a Vitamix (I use a Magic Bullet)The Amazing Magic Bullet whizz up until desired chunkiness - don't blend too much or they will be too smooth.   Either add crunchy cereal later or pulse until desired level of crunchiness and stir through.   Form into pyramids ( or balls if you prefer) and roll in a mix of coconut, Carob, sesame seeds and mixed nuts and chill in the fridge.

 12 Steps to Raw Foods by Victoria Boutenko


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