Vegetarian Cheese Sausages

Vegetarian Cheese Sausages

Made these last week and they were very yummy.
We also discovered they are very adaptable - try substituting and adding different ingredients - mushrooms, tomato and onion , garlic, make curried "sausages" add horseradish or sage and our fave so far is the addition of fennel but pineapple or apple and sage are yum too.

Here' s the recipe:

150 grams breadcrumbs - use a lighter bread as heavily grained bread will break up and crumble too much - I used wholemeal for these
150 grams hard cheese - grated
1 onion, finely chopped
1 Tablespoon of herbs - thyme, or sage or your own choice
1 teaspoon mustard
1 Egg
4 Tablespoons milk

Beat egg and milk
Add other ingredients
Form into rissoles or sausage shapes
Roll in flour
Fry in olive oil until golden

Experiment in using different coatings - scrunched up cornflakes make them very crisp, or any kind of cereal or stuffing mix - give them all a go and enjoy the results. I reckon you will make these again and again.


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