Things That Are Good For You Have Simple Names !

Fresh Free Range Organic Egg Producer !
Emma Peel, Chief Executive of Egg Production

Fresh Organic Produce the life force of your body
Fresh Organic Produce - the life force of your body

Emma Peel,  chief exective of Egg Production !! Regular as clockwork she delivers a completely balanced meal completely enclosed in its individual hygienic case.  Things that are good for you have simple names, they are not shrink wrapped, dosed in additives and sprayed with chemical concoctions.  They arrive without ornate packaging, without expensive advertising if you discount the proud cacklings of the hens as they announce their most recent achievement in the form of an egg !

Consider for a moment how  Emma Peel, would have spent her days,  trapped  in a small cage the size of an A4 sheet of paper had  she had been raised in the Poultry industry,without  access to sunlight, fresh air and unable to scratch around or forage and do what hens do.  I invite you to consider this when you purchase eggs next time  and ask yourself is there really any comparison between  fresh organic eggs and mass produced poultry industry ones ?

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Yes, fresh is best, local markets, farmers markets and simple food, preferably collected or  dug up right in front of your eyes is the sustainable way to go.   How much will a packet of Cheezels will enhance your life force  ?

How far will Chicken Nuggets sustain you ?  How much energy will a hamburger provide and more importantly, how much of a taste sensation will some woolly, cardboard tasting snack give you ?

Yep, things that are good for you do have simple names, like eggs, fruit, milk, vegetables and yes, even carrot - how simple is that ? I have a "recipe" for you today, take one carrot, pull it from the ground, eat it, that's it !    I bet you it will be the sweetest carrot you have ever eaten !  In case you want a more swished up version try this scrummy salad below.

Carrot and Raisin Salad
  • 2 large grated carrots

  • Large handful of raisins

  • 2 Tablespoons olive or salad oil

  • orange juice or lemon juice from one fruit

  • pineapple pieces ( fresh if possible)
Gently stir the whole lot together

Serve garnished with coriander, chives, parsley or what ever herbs take your fancy.


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