Quick Easy Pizza Sauce Recipe

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Pizza Palazzo Wood-Fired OvenWe have developed a hankering for a Pizza oven. 
It has dominated our thoughts and cooking . 
It's even taken over our fridge with photos, pictures and recipes all over it.  

Pizza is an ideal food for vegetarians because it is so flexible and adaptable to all tastes can be quickly made and even more quickly consumed.    

We have also developed a liking for making bread, foccacia, pizza dough, ciabatta and almost everything soft, springy, doughy and delectable !    Consequently, the  freezer now contains some of our earlier experiments into the world of breadmaking  and today was an ideal time to use some of these as bases for our pizza but we needed a quick and easy pizza sauce to kick it all off and here it is. Fast, delicious and easy to add your own personal herb preferences and the same sauce is fantastic with pasta too.
Quick Easy Pizza Sauce
Olive Oil (around 2 tablespoons or several good sized  sploshes)
4 - 6 garlic cloves  - finely sliced and chopped 
a small handful of basil, torn up
Oregano or herbs of your choice 
Can of chopped tomatoes or fresh tomatoes - finely chopped 
Cheese - any kind, whatever you have on hand - mozzarella is good or Feta
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper  

How to:  toss and stir fry garlic in the olive oil add basil and oregano, add tomatoes and turn the whole thing down and simmer for at least 5 mins to develop the flavors, add salt and pepper to taste and 1 spoonful of sugar to balance the taste if you prefer to (optional but improves the taste)  

Pull out either a pizza base, or (a home baked) Pita bread and top with a good sized spoonful of the pizza sauce, add more herbs of your choice to pizza topping, - try pizza thyme - and fine slices of cheese torn up or crumbled feta cheese and bake or grill in a hot oven until crispy and cheese if melted.   Excellent baked in a pizza oven or ultimately a wood fired pizza oven if you are cooking at home look around for a pizza stone or even a large terracotta floor tile as this will make the base nice and crispy every time.   
Enjoy and think up more toppings as you munch.  



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