Quick Healthy Mussel Recipe - a la River Valley Cafe

NZ Green Lipped Mussels

This is one of our favorite and most scrummy mussel recipes
Secret up until now :)
Just make sure you have lots of delicious, crusty French bread to soak up the Mussel broth left over.


Enough mussels for all your guest - naturally New Zealand green lipped ( large!) Mussels are preferable
  • Lots of chopped Garlic
  • Butter
  • White Wine
  • Lots of ground black pepper
  • Crusty French - or sourdough bread
  • Extras like chilli, coriander, capsicum,
  • cream or coconut cream
How to
  • De-beard and wash mussels
  • Heat butter in a heavy pan ( one that has a close fitting lid
  • Add garlic and fry until you get that delicious aroma
  • Add Chilli & capsicum
  • Toss in mussels with a BIG splash of white wine
  • Put lid on and give the pot a few shakes, check for any open mussels and discard these
  • Remove to a warm bowl or to the table
  • Stir cream or coconut milk into remaining juice, pour over mussels
  • Serve with bread - lots of it and toss with shopped parsley
Any left over (and you will be lucky if there are) are great in a Panini,
Grill Panini to perfection and every mouthful will be savored !
Paninis are fantastic for quick healthy lunches and snacks and can be made in minutes with a host of fillings and can be a quick healthy meal in themselves. 


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