Crostini - Quick Healthy Snack, Portable Plate, Picnic or BBQ Nibbles

Crostini -
Quick and easy snack-  great portable plate - choose a myriad of fillings, and you're good to go.

What you need:
 French Baguette, slice and brush with olive oil, rub with garlic - in a rush ?  use garlic infused oil -   bake 10 mins at 180 degrees,, turn and bake a further 2 - 3 mins  let crisp on cooler or oven tray.

Choose from toppings like -  Gucamole, hummus, tomatoes, cheese, pesto (great for colour) anchovies, whatever you have to hand - one of our faves is Peach chutney, cheese and chives or pesto


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