Home Made Marshmallow Easter Eggs

I have had this cutting for many years, its now old, yellowed and I have made it many times - they always come out great. My sister makes them every year too. I was of two minds whether to post as is not "healthy"  but then being home made we know what is in them and know there are no unknown additives

They can also be tailored to your own preferences,  colored or not and flavoured to suit - see below and can be made bigger using large eggs for mold or smaller (use quails eggs as mold)

Here's how : 

Please note that instead of leaving to set in flour we pour marshmallow into tray or baking dish of coconut - coconut can be put back into jars and reused for something else.  
Being home made you can add your own choices, like rose water, peppermint, almond liqueur or your favorite flavor to eggs.   If you want yolks just add touch of yellow to small amount of marshmallow in separate bowl and add small dollop to egg when you pour into tray. 

Bonus Rose Petal Wine :) 


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